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            Getting Started with the Public API

            ParkMyCloud has a public API which is for use by authorized customers or trial users.

            The API has been documented using a tool called Swagger and can be found here:

            You will be given an API Token for your organization.

            When you first login to the API documentation site, you will simply see this:

            Clicking on Show/Hide will expand the site, revealing the various API calls you can make.

            To start the process, open up the AUTH section of the API and enter your username, password and API token, then click on "Try it out!"

            This will authorize you (or log you in) to the system.  You will see the response to the API call below:

            There is a lot of stuff here:
            • You will see an example CURL command you can use to test the API
            • You will see the request URL you will used for this specific API call when you write your scripts
            • You will see the session token that you will use in subsequent calls.
            If you copy this session token, you will be able to paste in the other sections of the site to try those as well and understand what the response will be.  

            Armed with that information you will be able to proceed in writing your scripts.

            Updated: 24 Jan 2019 04:53 AM
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