Setting Up Okta As An IdP Server for ParkMyCloud

Setting Up Okta As An IdP Server for ParkMyCloud

Setting up Okta as an Identity Provider (IdP) is probably the most straightforward of all the IdP providers and their own documentation is great.  Of the providers out there, they had the best developer support.

You can find out more from the Okta SSO Documentation.

Spoiler Alert: Using the automated configuration approach for Okta within ParkMyCloud is the preferred approach.

To configure Okta, you will need admin permissions.  Login to Okta with the appropriate credentials.

Once you are logged in, select "Admin" in the upper right.

We will be creating an application "chicklet", which will allow users to actually login to ParkMyCloud directly from the Okta environment if they want to. (This is know as IdP-initiated SSO).

Let's get started. Select "Add Applications".

ParkMyCloud is part of the Okta Applications Network (OAN), so simply type in "ParkMyCloud" in the search bar and click "Add":

You will be taken to the General Settings page. There are just a few simple steps to configuring the application:

 Enter the SP ACS URL from the ParkMyCloud SSO Settings page here and click "Next":

Then simply assign which users you want to be able to use the application and click Next:

Just verify that the user's email address is being sent and click Done.  

Your configuration is complete!  You just need one more piece of information: The IdP metadata URL.  Click Sign-On:

Then right click and copy the URL for the metadata:

Assuming that ParkMyCloud has been configured with an IdP field of "Custom" and "Automatic from IdP Metadata URL", then paste the URL into the field and save changes.

All done.  Here is your new application configured and ready to go.  

If you or your users want to log in directly from here (known as IdP-initiated SSO), just click on the chicklet.

Otherwise, you can give the SP Login URL from the ParkMyCloud settings page to your users, allowing them to login using SP-initiated SSO.